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Lifetime Chiropractic & Wellness

105 East Butler Street

Manchester, IA 52057


Lifetime Chiropratic offers great care that focuses on the individual's unique spine. Taking care of the spine allows the body to function at its optimal level, this is why it is the number ONE natural healer!! Chiropractic helps all things from: back to neck pain, headaches, constipation, digestion issues, aches that just don't go away, knee/shoulder pain, and overall well being and happiness. This is just a few of the areas Chiropractic can help!

We have a wide variety of care within the office, from outstanding Chiropractic care to nutrition with an Ideal Weight Loss Protocol!! Check out our other services provided from above. 


8AM-1PM & 2PM-5PM


8AM-1PM & 2PM-5PM


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