Chiropractic Care-Dr. Leah Hood, DC

Dr. Leah offers great care that focuses on the individual's unique spine, body, and mind. She takes care of all ages, from prenatal and up! Taking care of the spine allows the body to function at its optimal level, this is why it is the number ONE natural healer! Chiropractic helps all things from: back to neck pain, headaches, constipation, digestion issues, aches that just don't go away, knee/shoulder pain, and overall well being and happiness. these are just a few of the areas Chiropractic can help!

Palmer Package Technique Adjustments,modified to individual specifications as needed

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release breaks down "knots" within muscles, and tension to allow for healing and improved movement as well as decreased discomfort.

Electric Muscle Stimulation 

E-Stim helps with relaxation of muscle spasms, decreases pain, decreases inflammation, improves local blood circulation, and increases range of motion.

Shift, Set, GO! A shifted approach to weight loss.

Ask us how our medically developed dieting protocol can help you lose weight and teach you how to maintain a stable weight after loss.

Retail Nutritional Supplements and Products

We offer a wide variety of supplements, and can tailor-order any items you may need! We also offer Chiroflow Water Pillows, Hot and Cold Soft Packs, Lumbar Supports, Biofreeze, and more!

Lifetime Chiropractic Contact Info:

Phone: 563.927.9400


Waves Healing Therapy, LLC-Stafanie Dingbaum, LISW

Stefanie is a mental health therapist who has been a social worker in the area for the last 10+ years. She specializes in working with adults and adolescents, whether it’s helping to overcome past traumas, improve current relationships or boundaries, lessen your anxiety, or develop healthier coping strategies. 

Waves Healing Therapy Contact Info:

Phone: 563.929.6571



Rooted Pediatric Healthcare, LLC-Brooke MacTaggart, PNP

(Coming soon!!)

Marge the Medium-Marge Banse, M.Msc/LMT

Marge specializes in Lymphatic and Myofascial Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch Healing, Relationship and Trauma Recovery, Spiritual Messages/Consultation, Theta Healing.

Marge the Medium Contact Info:

Phone: 563.920.2643


Reiki by Cynthia-Cyndi Ross, Reiki Master

Reiki works with your life force energies to bring you total relaxation and aids in your body's natural ability to heal. It gently and safely eliminates blockages and negativity. Reiki also helps to increase calm, inner peace and bring joy while balancing, clearing, and realigning your energy pathways.

Reiki by Cynthia Contact Info:

Phone: 563.608.0332